History of the Altona Volunteer Fire Department

The Altona Fire Department held it first meeting at 7:30 p.m. on October 1st, 1959 it was a very meaningful night for the people of Altona. The men that were members started a great tradition for all the future members that would follow. They worked very hard and gave many long hours of dedication and heart to the department and the people of Altona that needed their help. They helped their people through many tragedies. They are the reason that Altona has such a great department today. The first Fire Chief was John Monty. He formed the department and oversaw the purchase of the first fire truck. It was a surplus 500-gallon, 4-wheel drive pumper truck purchased for only One Hundred dollars. In 1960 a new truck was purchased with a bond in the amount of 15,000.00. This bond also included accessories, and equipment. On March 10, 1960 Bill Slocum, and John Monty drove the new truck into the town of Altona. On May 2, 1960 the truck, pump, siren, and radios were ready for service. Later a tank truck became part of the department's fleet. It was built to help with the water supply. They only had three trucks in their fleet, which isn't that spectacular but they made them last for over ten years.

There were 18 members present at that first meeting for the election of officers. The first board was elected and these were the results:

  • President - Wallace Lafave
  • Vice President - Leon Lashway
  • Secretary - Owen Lafountain
  • Treasure - Keith Clark
  • Captain - Alden Lafave
  • 1st Leut. - Donald Dumo
  • 2nd Leut. - Terry Brunell
  • Property Officer - Lawrence Boulrice
  • Chairperson - Father Paul Brunet

  • Secretary-Treasure - Frank P. Conners

  • Ralph Pombrio

  • William Slocum

  • Clayton Labarge

  • Walter Smart                                                                                                                                             

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