The Altona Volunteer Fire Department (AFD) offers a number of invaluable services to its surrounding community. Their services include, but are not limited to, a fire rescue service, a rescue squad/EMS, and a Junior Firefighting program. These services could not have been made available to Altona and its surrounding areas without the selfless and brave contributions of the department volunteers.


 Junior Fire Department:

 To become a member of Altona's Junior Fire Department, you must be between the ages of 14 and 18, as well as be a resident of Altona. The Junior Firefighters are allowed to attend fire calls, however they are not allowed to actually participate in fire fighting. They often assist in packing up and organizing fire gear, and rolling up hoses after a fire call. The Junior Firefighters may not attend motor vehicle accidents or any ambulance calls. However, they are invited and encouraged to participate in all training exercises and .

Because the fire services of today have evolved significantly from years ago, the techniques and corresponding equipment must evolve as well. Learning new skills and abilities is often the most important quality of being a fire fighter. So as the technology evolves, so must our volunteers. This is why training plays such a large and important role at the Altona Volunteer Fire Department. All fire fighters are required to undergo a minimum of eight hours of training per year. The department holds Jaws of Life training approximately four or five times a year. Driver training, pumper training, and self-contained breathing apparatus (air pack) training are held regularly by the Altona Volunteer Fire Department. All fire fighters are required to take, upon joining the department, a  "Firefighter 1" course, which covers topics such as use of the tools and aparatus (hose, ladders, extinguishers, etc.), fire scene operations, related operations and information, and much more. This course is typically held at the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base and is paid for by the Clinton County Fire Association.

The Altona Volunteer Fire Department responds to a number of different types of Fire Calls, including:

Motor vehicle accidents
Structure fires
Brush fires
Car fires
Search and rescue
Floods (Sandbagging)
Trees down / lines down (Traffic control)


Rescue Squad/ EMS:

The average EMS call lasts approximately two hours. All patients are transported to CVPH. The hospital is approximately 25 miles from Altona, and offers a wide variety of health and emergency services. 



Meetings of the Altona Volunteer Fire Department are held on the first Monday of every month. There is also weekly work detail held every Monday night to maintain the fire station and to clean and maintain the fire trucks and equipment.

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